Processing Borrowed MOBIUS Items

Processing Incoming Holds

MOBIUS materials arrive with a green band attached that lists the pickup location, the name of the lending library, and the name of the patron. Materials must be checked in for the hold to trigger and the patron to receive notification that the item has arrived:

  1. From the check in screen in Sierra Circulation, scan the barcode on the book. Remember that barcodes may be in different locations depending on the library that lent the material. 
  2. The system should prompt: "Barcode 1234567xxx was found as 12345676mrln. Continue using record for 12345676mrln (y/n)?” Choose YES.  (6**** is the tag for the cluster to which the item’s lending institution belongs).
  3. If the system does not recognize the barcode insert a character “b” before scanning the barcode--alternately a scanner can be set to always insert a “b” as a preamble.
  4. At the prompt: "Item status is IN TRANSIT and has been cleared,” click OK.The barcode will then display with the message "MOBIUS RECVD." 
  5. Insert hold slip and place the item on the holdshelf.

Returning Checked-in MOBIUS Items

When a MOBIUS item has been returned in acceptable condition, it can be returned using the standard check-in screen in Sierra:

  1. Enter "b" and scan item.
  2. System should display message: "Item belongs to ____ Cluster, and has status MOBIUS Ret’d”
  3. Select Check-in prompt.
  4. Print transit slip and attach to book band to verify transaction has been completed (do not cover lender code).
  5. Mark through the library location on the bookband and circle MOBIUS lender code.
  6. Place the book in a delivery bag or tub.

Returning Unwanted Items & Items That Were Not Picked Up

If a MOBIUS item was not checked out because the patron did not pick up the item in time or did not want the item: 

  1. Select the “INN-Reach - Return Unwanted Item” function in Sierra.
  2. Insert “b” and scan the item barcode.
  3. Print receipt and attach to book band or insert in book.
  4. Mark through the pickup location on the bookband and circle lender code. Write “too late for pickup” on band if applicable.
  5. Return in a delivery bag or tub.

Transferring Holds to an Item on the Same Bibliographic Record

Holds can be transferred from one item to another on the same bibliographic record. Staff should use discretion to make sure they are transferring holds onto items that can be lent.

Notifying Patrons

MOBIUS materials are held for up to 10 days on the holdshelf.

For both AV materials and books overdue notices are sent by mail or email at 7 days overdue; additional notices are sent at 14 days and 21 days overdue.

Billing notices should be sent at 28 days overdue. The billing fee of $20 and the default replacement cost of $100 dollars per item are added to the patron's record.