MOBIUS Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Goal 1: Strengthen funding streams and fiscal viability

Objective 1: Expand memberships and partnerships which reduce costs or add new services
Objective 2: Explore contractual services 
Objective 3: Explore grants to fund new initiatives, for example, digitization
Objective 4: Evaluate current membership assessment formulas 
Objective 5: Finalize an Evergreen marketing plan to offer Evergreen hosting and management services 

Goal 2: Investigate existing and emerging technologies and services and adopt those which enhance the user experience

Objective 1: Assess membership needs for new services and implement relevant technologies Objective 2: Strengthen membership awareness of the features of new and existing products
Objective 3: Maintain awareness of the ILS marketplace 
Objective 4:  Actively participate in product development with vendors
Objective 5:  Foster a continuing discussion on academic libraries and learning management systems
Objective 6:  Explore other open education resources (OER) in conjunction with MOBIUS OTN membership
Objective 7: Implement linked data as a MOBIUS service project

Goal 3: Expand collaborative collection development and resource sharing

Objective 1: Explore a consortia or regional institutional repository for digital materials
Objective 2: Investigate software to support the identification of last copies in the consortium 
Objective 3: Develop partnerships which enhance collections 
Objective 4: Expand and refine gathering and analysis of local and consortia usage data
Objective 5: Investigate the future of the MOBIUS union catalog to better define the scope of the catalog and effect of digitization as a discovery tool 

Goal 4: Foster a culture of collaboration and community which engages all stakeholders

Objective 1: Find creative solutions to engage out of state members
Objective 2: Support opportunities for sharing expertise in areas of interest, such as instruction, reference, etc.
Objective 3: Continue work to develop a broad marketing plan/ brand and develop ROI for different constituents

Goal 5: Provide professional development, training and networking opportunities to meet the needs of membership

Objective 1: Strengthen awareness of training on all Innovative products
Objective 2: Utilize Help Desk data to identify training needs of membership
Objective 3: Develop Sierra training videos on the MOBIUS website
Objective 4: Explore additional scholarship opportunities with large groups like ALA, ACRL, etc.
Objective 5: Utilize new and existing partnerships for professional development and networking opportunities

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