MOBIUS Electronic Resource Discounts

Why Should You Purchase E-Resources through MOBIUS?

MOBIUS provides discounted pricing on a wide variety of electronic resources and services, allowing our libraries to provide access to quality collections and innovative products while keeping their budgets under control. We handle all of the license negotiations, renewal processing, and act as your advocate and vendor liaison, so your staff can focus on other things. MOBIUS members pay only the subscription fee with no added service fees. 

  • Discounted Pricing
  • Centralized Licensing 
  • Centralized Billing
  • Simplified Renewals
  • No Service Fees
  • Top Vendors


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Questions about the E-Resources Program? Is there a product or service you would like to see on our list? Want a quote or a trial? Contact Christina Virden at

Resources for Vendors

MOBIUS values our vendor relationships and is always looking for new and innovative offerings that support the missions of our member libraries and library partners. Learn more about what it is like to work with MOBIUS as a vendor partner by reviewing our MOBIUS Vendor Statement

Resources for Members

MOBIUS Consortium License Agreements
If you would like to view a license, please contact Christina Virden at

MOBIUS Electronic Resources Policy
Policy outlining the structure and processes governing the electronic resources program. 

Electronic Resources Documents
Policies, checklists and guides developed by MOBIUS members and the e-resources committee.