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STAT Courier FAQ

We're compiling a list of frequently asked questions about our new courier system, which will be launching on July 1st! If you have questions not answered in the FAQ email or submit a help desk ticket.


Good News Everyone!

Explore, the newest MOBIUS cluster!

Coming in the Spring of 2015 MOBIUS will have a new cluster called Explore!  This will be our 11th cluster and the first one created since our original inception.
The new cluster will include the member libraries of the St. Louis Research Library Consortium who currently manage their own Innovative system.  This consortium will be migrating to Sierra and becoming a full MOBIUS partner.
The new cluster libraries include the Missouri History Museum, the Missouri Botanical Garden, the St. Louis Art Museum, and Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing.  Goldfarb and the Art Museum currently share their materials via the MOBIUS Union Catalog but will now become full members. 
We are excited about this new partnership and the access this will bring for you and your users to some very special collections in Missouri. 
More information about these libraries can be found at:

Tulsa City-County goes "live" as part of the MOBIUS INN-Reach Union Catalog Wednesday, July 16th

MOBIUS is proud to announce that beginning Wednesday morning, July 16th, Tulsa City-County Library (TCCL) will be full partners with MOBIUS when their holdings will become available for requesting in the MOBIUS INN-Reach Union Catalog.

In the last month we have addressed an unexpected software issue while establishing a new courier relationship with Trans Amigos Express (TAE). What this means is that any MOBIUS library may now borrow from TCCL (and vice versa) while using our existing courier system (1st Choice). Additionally, our courier service can now be used to send and receive materials with any TAE library. The full list of TAE libraries are now included in our label maker, which can be found on the MOBIUS web site..

We are very excited to have such a progressive, dynamic library system join the MOBIUS family of libraries.

Fast Facts about TCCL

Population Served:  613,816
Registered Customers:  415,473
Collection:  1,780,762
Annual Circulation:  6.027,407
Locations:  29 
Reference Questions Answered:  520,655
Information Questions Answered:  757,616
Reserves Filled:  946,924
Interlibrary Loans:  15,362
Meeting Room Users:  108,694
Information taken from Tulsa City-County's Annual Report Summary, July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013.

MOBIUS Announces Collaboration with the Alliance

MOBIUS is excited to announce a new collaboration with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries.  Starting early August, 2014 MOBIUS libraries and the Alliance libraries began sharing materials through our mutual InnReach systems.
The Alliance manages a union catalog using Innovative Interface's InnReach system called Prospector.  Prospector has 44 academic, public and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming.  This gives MOBIUS libraries access to more than 33 million items including audio-visual materials.  MOBIUS libraries can click a "Search Prospector" button on the MOBIUS Union Catalog to search and place holds with their own library card directly on the Prospector Union Catalog.  Materials are delivered to our pickup locations through an agreement with the MOBIUS Courier, 1st Choice, and CliC, the courier system for the Alliance.  Delivery is 5 days per week.
The Alliance libraries have access to the 27 million items on the MOBIUS Union Catalog and are able to place holds directly on our catalog.  Holdings are not loaded onto either union catalog.  A new piece of software from Innovative called Peer-to-Peer connects the two union catalogs for resource sharing purposes.  Both organizations are abiding by each others' loan rules.  Pickup anywhere will not be available.  Materials are to be processed the same as any other InnReach material.
Prospector contains the holdings for the Center for Research Libraries which allows those libraries that are members to place holds and have them delivered to a MOBIUS library.  Washington University, University of Missouri-Columbia are the only MOBIUS member libraries that are Center for Research Library members.  However, this is a huge benefit for those member libraries, making it much faster and easier to request these materials.
You can find out more about the Alliance on their web site at:
A list of participating libraries in Prospector can be found at:
We are very excited about this new collaboration and hope this new relationship will increase easy access to materials for your and your users.