Discussion Lists

Instructions for Subscribing 

MOBIUS maintains several mailing lists for communicating information about the consortium and facilitating discussion among member libraries about a variety of topics. 

To subscribe to any of these lists:

  1. Click on the link and provide the information requested. NOTE: You must use an institutional/library email account to subscribe. This helps us make sure that only staff from MOBIUS member libraries are subscribing to the lists. 
  2. After submitting the form, you will receive an email requesting a confirmation to complete the process. This prevents others from signing you up for lists that may not be relevant to you. 
  3. Once you confirm your subscription, you will receive an email welcoming you to the list.
  4. You will also receive an automated email at the beginning of each month showing all of your MOBIUS list subscriptions, your password, and how to unsubscribe. This is to help you track your subscriptions and ensure that you are still subscribed to the appropriate lists.

Viewing the Archives 

  1. Click the subscribe link below for any list you are a member of. 
  2. Click the archives link is at the top of the page under about. 
  3. Enter your email address and list password.
  4. The archives are broken out by month with several viewing options. There is also an option to download the content. 

Available Lists

This list covers our most commonly subscribed to discussion lists. A complete listing of MOBIUS discussion lists, including cluster specific lists, can be found on our Mailing Lists Page. Click on the list name to subscribe. 

MOBIUS Users (mobius-users-l)

General updates and announcements from MOBIUS including information about the annual conference, membership meetings, governance updates, new products and services, and more. This list is open to any staff member at a MOBIUS member library. Subscribers may post to the list. Subscribe

MOBIUS Directors (mobius-l)

This list is open to library directors and voting members at member libraries only. Membership in this list is maintained by the MOBIUS staff. If you feel that you should be subscribed to this list but are not, please send a message to help@mobiusconsortium.org

Circulation & Courier (circ-courier)

Use this list to discuss all things related to access services--policies, workflows, functionality, procedures and more.  Share information, issues and concerns.  It can also be used for general discussion about courier services. Subscribe

E-Resources (e-resources)

Use this list to discuss and provide input on electronic resources of all types.  Share an article, post a question, find out what other MOBIUS libraries are doing, and communicate with the E-Resources Committee. Subscribe

ILS Software and Services (ils-software-services)

Use this list to discuss issues surrounding the ever evolving ILS marketplace.  Share an article, surveys, news, new developments and more.  Find out what the ILS Marketplace Committee is working on and provide your feedback. Subscribe

Professional Development/Training (PD-Training)

Use this list to discuss issues related to professional development opportunities and training and to receive updates from the Professional Development and Training Committee. Subscribe

User Experience & Metadata (ux-meta)

Use this list to discuss issues pertaining to resource sharing, discovery tools, the MOBIUS Union Catalog, metadata, big data. Share information and ideas and communicate with the User Experience & Metadata Committee. Subscribe

Delivery (mob-delivery-L)

Use this list to request delivery bags and for general discussion related to the delivery system. Subscribe