Electronic Resources Documents

This is space where members and the E-Resources Committee can share documents and resources they have developed to assist in the management of electronic content. If you have something you would like to share please contact christina@mobiusconsortium.org

Tools and Templates

Provider Platform Status Information - Created by the E-Resources Committee to help members quickly find out information about platform outages and technical support contacts. 

Streaming Video Checklist - A handy guide developed by the E-Resources Committee covering important feature and things to look for when evaluating streaming video platforms. 

Fall 2023 E-Resources Marketing Contest Submissions

St Charles Community College - Submitted by Julia Wilbers 
This was part of a plan to highlight a different resource each month with flyers, Canvas posts, and handouts at the circulation desk. November was Libby and a pretty sweet flyer.

Full Page Libby Flyer 
Half Sheet Libby Flyer

Maryville University - Submitted by Amber Spratlin 
After implementing Lean Library in August 2023, we created two marketing videos: one focused toward faculty, and the other toward students. We asked to be included in Dean's Council meetings, department meetings, and called a meeting with our Learning Design team to show them the video and encourage them to use the product. As a second wave of marketing, we began including Lean Library in library instruction as an equally-valid research tool as the traditional library e-resources. We currently have over 600 users, and the number of users climbs monthly!

Lean Library Marketing Materials
Lean Library Postcard

Westminster College - Submitted by Victoria Knight
While we have a small online following, these posts are fun to put together! They highlight all the books available on Libby through MOBIUS. We get suggestions and input from our student employees on what titles we should use, and even the shows/characters that we should use. Above are two examples of the posts we have made, but we also did one for Gilmore Girls. You can view all of these on our Instagram page here:

What Would Wednesday Read?
What Would Thing Read?
What Would Lorelai Read? 
What Would Elora Read?
What Would Willie Jack Read?

Park University - Submitted by Camille Abdeljawad Cook & Finn Bollinger
This year, we have utilized our social media platforms to showcase our e-resources! Included is a selection of our stand-out social media posts designed by our talented Library Information Desk & Marketing Assistant, Finn Bollinger. We have found that students not only recognize the names and platforms of our e-resources more frequently but that student utilization of these resources has also steadily increased. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators alike comment on the power of our curated social media presence and how it provides a fun and informative place for students to gain information about our services. Above all, these posts provide a platform for us to tell our story and illustrate our worth as an essential service to students.

JSTOR Instagram Post
Kanopy Instagram Post
Pirate Search Instagram Post
Statistics Instagram Post