Visiting Patron ID Format

Library Cluster ID Format Notes
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary Swan Student Card Barcode ID# + EU  
A.T. Still University Avalon ID# + KCOM (student)
ID# + ATSU (faculty/staff)
Student ID numbers are student identification numbers plus "KCOM". Faculty/staff numbers are staff identification numbers plus "ATSU". None of these are social security numbers or barcode numbers.
Avila University KC-Towers last name + ID# + au
example: doe123456au
Faculty use their university login+au.
Central Methodist University  Avalon ID# + CMU
example: 123456CMU
ID can contain from 1 to 6 digits.
Columbia College Arthur Univ. ID# + CC
example: 1234567CC
For an ID card without an ID number printed on the front, scan the magnetic stripe on the back. For the ID card with an ID number printed on the front, scan the barcode on the front or the magnetic stripe on the back. If you enter a six-digit ID number manually, enter a zero as the first digit. For example, 0123456CC.
Conception Abbey and Seminary College KC-Towers ID# + CA
example: 123456789CA
Concordia Seminary Bridges ID# is P + 9 digits + CL
example: P123456789CL
Cottey College Swan ID# + COTT
example: 123456789COTT
Covenant Theological Seminary Bridges ID# + CS
example: 123456789CS
The University ID is the number printed underneath the barcode on the card.
Crowder College Swan StudentID # + CC
example: 12345cc
Faculty/Staff currently use either the 9-digit SSN # + CC or Employee ID. Students use ID # + CC.
Culver-Stockton College Avalon Univ. ID # + CS
example: 1234567CS
If the Univ. ID is less than 7 digits, leading zeros are required (i.e. 0001234).
Drury University Swan Univ. ID # + DU 
example: 123456789
ID numbers have between two and six digits. There are several variations of unique IDs for their students.
East Central College Archway College ID # (7 digits) + EC
example: 0012345EC
Evangel University Swan Student Card Barcode ID# + EU  
Fontbonne University Bridges Univ. ID# + F
example: 123456F
If the ID# starts with a 0, do not type the 0. ID #'s are 5 or 6 digits long.
Goldfarb School of Nursing Explore A + 8 digit ID#
example: A00012345
Library card is the student ID badge.
Hannibal LaGrange University Avalon ID# + HLG
example: 123456789HLG
Harris-Stowe State University  Bridges ID# + HS HSSU
example: 12345hs
Jefferson College Archway ID# + JC 
example: V12345678JC
Jefferson students and faculty/staff need a Jefferson College photo I.D. The barcode on the front of the photo I.D. is the patron's unique I.D.
Kansas City Art Institute  KC-Towers ID# + kcai
ID number can consist of one to five digits.
Kenrick-Glennon Theological Seminary Bridges SS# + KGS  
Lincoln University Arthur ID# + LU 
example: 123456789LU
If the ID# is less than 9 digits, leading zeros are required (i.e.000001234LU).
Lindenwood University Bridges ID# + LU
example: 123456789LU
Logan University Bridges ID# + LCC
example: 100012345LCC or jsmithLCC
Students - 9 digit student ID number followed by LCC. Faculty/Staff - 1st initial of given name plus followed by surname followed by LCC.
Maryville University Bridges ID# + M 
example: 123456789M
Metropolitan Community Colleges KC-Towers Univ. ID + MCC 
example: 1234567MCC
Univ. ID# has seven digits.
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary KC-Towers Patron barcode # + MBTS  
Mineral Area College Archway ID# + MAC 
example: 123456789MAC
Missouri Baptist University Bridges Unique ID required + MBU 
example: xxxxxxxxxxMBU
Patron must contact home library in person to obtain a Unique ID.
Missouri Southern State University Swan SID # + MSSU
example: s12345678MSSU
SID # starts with "s" followed by 8 digits.
Missouri State Library Arthur Barcode + m 
example: 12345678901234m
Barcode is found on the back of the Missouri State Library card and contains 14 digits.
Missouri University of Science and Technology Standalone 0+EMPLID+r 
example: 012345678r
The EMPLID# is 8 digits long.
Missouri Valley College Avalon Student ID # plus MVC  
Missouri Western State University KC-Towers School ID + MW 
example: 123456789MW
Moberly Area Community College Avalon ID# + MACC
example: 12345678MACC or 00123456MACC
Most ID#s use 8 digits; if ID# is less than 8 digits, use leading zeros to replace missing digits (see example).
North Central Missouri College KC-Towers ID # + NCMC
example: 000123456ncmc
Northwest Missouri State University KC-Towers ID # + NW
example: 919123456NW
Ozarks Technical Community College Swan ID # + OTC
example: 1234567OTC
Park University KC-Towers Student User ID + PU 5-7 numbers in length
Rockhurst University KC-Towers Unique ID + RG
example: 123456RG
Campus ID cards have photo and library barcode on front.
Saint Louis Art Museum Explore SLAM + 4 digits
example: SLAM1234
Museum photo ID badge does not contain Library patron information or barcode. 
Saint Louis University Standalone Univ. ID# 
example: 000123333
Univ. ID# is a 9-digit # on the left side of the ID card, underneath the photo. (Be sure to include any leading zeros).
Saint Paul School of Theology KC-Towers ID# + spst 
example: 1001300000012spst
ID# is always the 13 digit barcode number (usuallly on the back of the school photo ID) plus SPST.
Southeast Missouri State University Standalone Southeast ID# + SEMO
example S12345678SEMO
Southwest Baptist University Swan 0 + 6 digit SBU student number + SBU
example: 0123456SBU
Univ # ID has seven digits. Univ. ID # is after the first six digits and before the last digit of the barcode.
St. Charles Community College Archway School ID# + SC
example: 90012345SC
University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis Archway School ID# + COP
example: 12345COP
St. Louis Community College Archway School ID# + ST 
example: A01234567ST
State Fair Community College Avalon Government ID # + SFCC
example: 123456789SFCC
State Technical College of Missouri Avalon ID# + STCM
example: 12345678LSTC
If the ID# is less than 8 digits, leading zeros are required (i.e. 00012345LSTC).
Stephens College Arthur Campus ID # + SC
example: 123456789SC
Three Rivers College Archway Univ. ID# + TRCC
example: 0012345TRCC
ID format is 7 digits + TRCC. Add leading zeros to equal 7.
Truman State University Avalon University ID # + TSU  
University of Missouri - Columbia Standalone Fac/Staff: 0+EMPLID+c 
example: 012345678c 
Students: 0+myZou EMPL ID +c 
example: 023456789c
Faculty/Staff/Students use Zero plus their 8 digit EMPL ID or myZou EMPL student number followed by a lower case letter c. The numbers are embedded in mag stripe on cards.
University of Missouri - Kansas City Standalone Fac/Staff: 0+EMPLID+k 
example: 012345678k 
Students: Zero plus 8 digit Univ. ID# + k 
example: 012345678k
Faculty/Staff use Zero plus their 8 digit EMPLID Number plus k. Students use Zero plus their 8 digit University ID# plus k.
University of Missouri - St. Louis Standalone Fac/Staff:: 0+EMPLID
example: 012345678
Faculty/Staff use Zero plus their 8 digit EMPLID.
Students use 0 + 8-digit student ID number.
Washington University Standalone University ID # 
example: 123456
Webster University - Eden Theological Seminary Bridges Eden: ID#(barcode) + EWL
Webster: ID#(7 digits) + EWL
Westminster College Arthur ID # + WC
example: 123456WC
William Jewell College KC-Towers Campus ID# + WJ 
example: 123456WJ
William Woods University Arthur University ID # + WW 
example: 123456WW
This number is no longer printed on IDs, but it will be the same number they use for Owlnet (employee or student ID #). If they do not know their number or there are other problems, please have them call our library for assistance. NOTE: Most ID numbers will be six digits long, but some may be less than that.