1-14 Shipping Items by the Delivery System

Developed by

MOBIUS Access Advisory Group

Date Adopted

Revision Dates

Purpose of the Policy

To ensure all items loaned through MOBIUS are shipped properly.

Policy Type


Materials may be shipped in the delivery system by the following methods:

  1. Delivery bag. The use of ties on a bag is optional. If a tie is used it should be a lightweight monofilament or single strand tie with enough slack that it can easily be opened by hand or with a tool.
  2. Totes or tubs. Libraries can supply or use their own totes for deliveries between themselves. Totes are not supplied or maintained by MOBIUS or the delivery service and should be secured so the lid does not come off or open. The libraries are responsible for making sure the totes are secured but can still be opened without risk of injury.
  3. Boxes. Cardboard boxes in standard shipping sizes can be used if there is no other option or the materials won’t fit in a delivery bag. Boxes and the materials within should be able to withstand normal delivery service handling and should be closed with tape.

Labels: All materials shipped from a MOBIUS member library should use a label from the MOBIUS label maker:


The label is placed in the address window on a delivery bag or taped/put in an address window on a tote or box. Handwritten labels should not be used.

If the materials to ship are:

Heavy (over 25 pounds).
Larger than a typical shipping box, over 24 inches on a side.
A bulk shipment of many items at once.
Not typical library materials.

Please contact the MOBIUS Help Desk (help@mobiusconsortium.org) for assistance.