Returning MOBIUS Books to the Lending Library

Developed by

MOBIUS Access Advisory Group

Date Adopted

Revision Dates

Purpose of the Policy

To ensure all items loaned through MOBIUS are properly returned to the owning library.

Policy Type

  1. In III items are checked in using the Check-in (No Patron) mode. The cluster location code (6clus, such as 6mrln) is appended to the end of the barcode. A box opens with the following message:

Barcode ‘1234567891234’ was found as‘12345678912346clus’

Item belongs to ______ Cluster

Do Not Check-in



  1. Choose ‘Check-In’. The system changes the status to MOBIUS Ret’d. The item will remain as a virtual item on the patron’s record until it is checked in by the owning library. It will no longer display among the items checked out to the patron.
  2. The system then offers the option to print a transit slip. Choose ‘No’ as long as the book still has a green MOBIUS band. If the band is missing you may choose to print the transit slip to include with the book in shipment.
  3. Cross through the TO address on the green MOBIUS book band and circle the RETURN TO address.
  4. Place the item in a MOBIUS bag. Insert an address label for the owning library in the window on the bag. Optionally, a lightweight tie may be used to secure the bag.
  5. Return the book to the owning library through the MOBIUS courier.


Green MOBIUS book bands

Delivery Labels (link label maker)