Primal Pictures

For more than 25 years, Primal Pictures’ pioneering and award-winning multimedia 3D anatomy software have been used worldwide in healthcare education, training, practice, research and more. Primal Pictures delivers the highest quality and most medically accurate 3D model of the human body, along with best-in-class anatomy, physiology and clinical content.

Primal Pictures offers an extensive selection of products. From detailed, accurate and customizable regional and body system-based 3D anatomy models to specialty titles across a range of disciplines, Primal Pictures has a 3D anatomy software solution that’s right for you. All Primal Pictures subscriptions are accessed online on our platform.

Available Products and Services

3D Atlas - highly detailed and comprehensive Atlas of the body (contains MRI, dissection/clinical/anatomy slides/movies)

Real-time Human Anatomy - virtual body allows simulation of dissection. Fully manipulate the 3D model.  Put structures in x-ray mode.  Allows creation of custom images - over 200 pro-section images readily available.    

Functional Anatomy - dynamic resource showing muscle movement – perfect for Sports Injuries, Rehab, etc.

Anatomy & Physiology Online - contains all the content equivalent to a major A&P textbook – for any A&P/pre-med/undergrad course.