Director, SHARE


Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS)

Job Summary: 

Join a nationally recognized organization and lead its library automation consortium further

along the path toward excellence!

The Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) seeks applications for the SHARE Director

through November 30, 2017. The largest library consortium in North America, SHARE (Sharing

Heartland’s Available Resources Equally) represents 327 member agencies in 472 service

locations throughout central and southern Illinois. SHARE is a membership-supported

organization with an active committee structure and leadership. It is also backed by the Illinois

Heartland Library System, a state-funded quasi-governmental agency.

The SHARE Director is responsible for coordinating the SHARE department (17 FTE)

and providing quality service to member libraries. This position works collaboratively with

SHARE Managers in the administration of the automation program, and in tandem with SHARE

member leaders through the SHARE Executive Council. The Director is part of the IHLS

Administrative Team which participates in establishing strategic directions as well as goals and

objectives for IHLS.

Our Edwardsville, IL office is 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis, with cultural offerings,

professional sports and family-friendly activities. Edwardsville is the third-oldest city in the

state, with consistent high rankings for educational, real estate and social opportunities. [For

more on Edwardsville, see]

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