How Materials Are Borrowed Through MOBIUS

Patron Initiated Borrowing

Patrons place online requests for materials in the MOBIUS Union Catalog and the OpenRS system determines which institution to send the request to. Patrons can specify the location where they would like to pick up their materials. Direct Patron borrowing is limited to returnable items. MOBIUS members will not charge each other for direct patron borrowing within the MOBIUS Union Catalog and each library will determine the number of MOBIUS requests that their patrons can initiate. 

Traditional Interlibrary Loan

Traditional interlibrary loan is available to all MOBIUS members and covers both returnables and non-returnables. MOBIUS members will not charge each other for these traditional interlibrary loan transactions. Libraries are encouraged to implement OCLC custom holdings with all MOBIUS OCLC members as one custom holdings group to balance the load. If a MOBIUS library feels that another library is making unreasonable requests, it should contact the library to resolve the problem. Libraries should use electronic transmission of articles whenever possible. If shipment via electronic transmission is not possible and a MOBIUS courier pouch is used to send an article or a book, then that item should be clearly marked, “Attention: Interlibrary Loan Department.” Borrowing libraries will be responsible for copyright compliance on requests for photocopies.

NOTE: For monographs patrons should be strongly encouraged to use patron initiated borrowing instead of traditional ILL.