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scite logo is a next-generation tool for qualitative citation analysis, instant peer-reviewed literature review, reference check, and more. Launched in 2018, Scite uses artificial intelligence to determine whether scholarly articles mention, support, or contrast the claims of each cited article. Scite also displays all in-text citations and distinguishes if the citation was made in the Introduction, Methods, Results, or Discussion Section. Scite helps expand research assessment beyond raw citation counts as a proxy of quality for researchers, journals, and institutions. With 1.3 billion citations and 1.9 billion references in its database, Scite supports real-time validation of ChatGPT claims, promotes critical thinking, research excellence, science reproducibility, promotion/tenure reviews, and discovery of relevant resources.

Researchers can check Smart Citation metrics at the level of articles, journals, organizations, and funders. Scholars can run reference analyses on their own papers. Students can ask research questions in plain language and get answers directly from the full text of research articles. A browser extension enables users to see Smart Citations anywhere they're reading a scientific article online. Major publishers now display Smart Citation badges on their websites. Resource Centre:

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