SLACK Incorporated

For over 50 years, SLACK Incorporated has been providing specialty medical content to institutions of all sizes. With many of SLACK’s journals indexed in Medline/PubMed, patrons of medical libraries around the world see SLACK as a trusted source for medical content. SLACK offers a variety of healthcare journals and archives in areas such as Nursing, Ophthalmology, and Allied Health. Supply your end users with the medical knowledge that could save lives by subscribing to SLACK journals today.

Available PRoducts & Services

All MOBIUS members are eligible for SLACK’s discount offerings. MOBIUS members will receive a 15% discount off a single new journal subscription or archive and 20% off 3+ new subscriptions or archives. To receive the one-time discount, MOBIUS members must be purchasing a new journal subscription or archive from SLACK. Renewals are not eligible for this offer. With a journal subscription, MOBIUS members will receive leased access to current content + 7 previous years of compelling, up-to-date research. With pricing based on FTE, SLACK provides academic content to institutions of all sizes.