Value Line

January 1 - December 31

With over 300 college and university library customers around the country and over 90 years of research experience on Wall Street, Value Line Online financial database is a much-loved and respected electronic resource for investments, stock market data, company profiles/rankings, and economic reports. Value Line is an essential product to support students and faculty programs, as well as a valuable resource for alumni. Our online database includes:

  • Analyst and researcher covered weekly reports that include commentary, rankings, ratings, and data on more than 1700 of the most heavily traded companies on North American exchanges
  • Additional rankings, ratings, and reports on an additional 4,300 global Small, Mid-Cap, and Penny-Stock type companies
  • 5 years of historical reports
  • Weekly commentary and in-depth analysis on more than 100 different economic industries
  • Technical charting on all companies and stocks
  • Daily market analysis by our top senior researchers
  • Model portfolios updated weekly by our analysts that users or classes can assess and emulate
  • Weekly Selection and Opinion newsletter
  • Weekly Index and Summary
  • A stock screener with over 200 fields to choose from to create customized company, stock, or industry lists
  • Finance education articles (for example, explaining what an option is, or how the new housing reports reflects and affects the economy)

Available Products & Services

MOBIUS members can take advantage of a 15% discount on Value Line, This offer is open to both public and academic libraries. Applies to new customers only.