Statista is the global number one data platform with more than 3 million statistics on over 80,000 topics across 170 industries, including a plethora of data across academic departments like nursing, social sciences, and business, among 177 other disciplines.   Statista grants access to academic publication rights and citation features.

The statistics platform has become an integral part of the academic sector serving as a multidisciplinary data-finding aid that helps students, lecturers, and researchers discover relevant and reliable statistical data and analysis on over 80,000 topics from over 22,000 sources. The content is not only trusted among academic institutions but also to thousands of corporate and government establishments.  Simple keyword searches and full citations provide research time savings for your patrons. Whether it is valid data for term papers & theses, for daily tasks in research and teaching, or as a research tool in libraries, Statista always provides the most relevant content.

Global Consumer Survey offers a continuously updated and immediately available set of survey data on buying behavior and media usage worldwide.  It is designed to help your patrons perform market research and understand consumer behavior and consumer interactions with brands.  Thanks to an interactive online analysis tool, patrons can select their own criteria to create cross tables and customize target groups.

eCommerce Database provides continuously updated and immediately available eCommerce store profiles in an intuitive user interface.  Your patrons will be able to analyze the market trends of individual segments and quickly identify the major players.

Company Database serves as a central point providing global company information on 20 million listed and privately held companies, allowing your patrons to instantly detect key industry players.  It’s the perfect tool to quickly research basic data and provides valuable insights into foreign markets.

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