Missouri University of Science and Technology

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  • Member Type: Full
  • Library Type: Academic
  • Cluster: Merlin

Library Contacts

Tracy Primich


Becky Merrell

Library Information Specialist, Sr.
  • Email: rmerrell@mst.edu
  • Phone: 573-341-4013
  • Contact Type: Primary Site Coordinator

Maggie Trish

Assistant Director and Head of Technical Services
  • Email: trishm@mst.edu
  • Phone: 573-341-4014
  • Contact Type: Secondary Site Coordinator

John Lanier


June Snell

Interlibrary Loan--Borrowing
  • Email: snellj@mst.edu
  • Phone: 573-341-7838
  • Contact Type: Circ Contact


Curtis Laws Wilson Library

400 W. 14th Street
Rolla, MO 65409