Editing and Updating the MOBIUS Label Maker

The MOBIUS Label Maker allows users to search by a library’s name, OCLC institution symbol, and for libraries on INN-Reach, the name or abbreviation that displays on print labels:

For example, Truman State University can be located by:

  • Truman State University: All or part of the name.
  • MKN: OCLC institution symbol.
  • TRUMN: Print name.

MOBIUS cannot edit or change the delivery codes such as MO-SW-123, as those are assigned and used by the couriers. The courier delivery codes typically are not searchable, but they will print out on the labels. MOBIUS uses STAT as its main courier but cooperates with the Mid-America Library Alliance (MALA), Trans-Amigos Express (TAE), and Colorado Library Consortium (CliC), all who have their own couriers.

There are two common problems that come up with labels. One is if the library has multiple branches, but only one courier stop. Some libraries prefer to have a single label for all their locations, while other libraries want labels for each location. MOBIUS can create “dummy labels” that list each individual location, but the label that comes out only has the code for the stop the driver goes to. For example, both the University of Missouri and the University of Wyoming have geology libraries:

Each label will only print the code the courier uses for the single stop it goes to, MO-NO-103 or CLC: WY99.

The other common problem is libraries that have name or spelling variations, such as St. Louis, St Louis, and Saint Louis, or libraries that are well-known by both acronyms and full names. Some libraries have requested multiple entries that again point to the same label:

The near-duplicate Label Maker entries are intended as finding aids, since regardless of which name or entry is used, the delivery code is all the courier looks at, so the receiving library may look at the branch name for its internal sorting.

For most MOBIUS/Prospector requests, the print name should be used to search the Label Maker. The main library usually will be selected, unless there is a branch in the pick-up location on the paging slip, or the item is being returned to the branch library that lent it:

Libraries can contact MOBIUS to request changes to their Label Maker entries. If the request is to change another library’s labels, then MOBIUS will consult with that library. Label Maker changes must be balanced between the workflow needs of a library, and what will make it easiest for a user to find the correct label.