Last Copy Guideline

Developed by

MCMAC, reviewed 05/03/2016 by the MOBIUS Office

Date Adopted

Revision Dates

Purpose of the Policy

To be used as a tool to guide weeding of last copy items.

Policy Type


When weeding materials, MOBIUS libraries should check the MOBIUS catalog to see if items are still held in the consortium. If fewer than 3 items would be left upon discarding the item the owning library should consider keeping the item. If keeping the item is an impossibility, the owning library should offer it to the other MOBIUS libraries via the MOBIUS-USERS-L list serve with a "last copy" or "limited copies" note attached. If no library accepts the offer within two weeks, it shall be declared unworthy of shelf space and the owning library is free to discard the item. 

MOBIUS recognizes that it may not be desirable to retain last copies of all items, and therefore, some discretion on offering items to the list serve should be exercised. Items that are damaged need not be kept even if it is the last copy. It is also not necessary that last items be retained that contain outdated incorrect information such as directories, software manuals, etc. or in cases where subject specific accreditation recommends that outdated materials be withdrawn.