Policy on Standing Committees and Working or Interest Groups

Developed by: 

Cynthia Dudenhoffer

Date Adopted: 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Revision Dates: 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Purpose of the Policy: 

This policy is intended to outline the structure for standing committees and working or interest groups serving the Board.

Policy Main Content: 

Standing Committees

The MOBIUS Board of Directors will establish the following four committees.

  1. E-Resources Committee

    Charge: Working in conjunction with the MOBIUS staff, this committee will provide input on products, subscriptions, and services that may be of interest to the membership. 

  2. User Experience and Metadata Committee

    Charge: Working in conjunction with the MOBIUS staff, this committee will provide input into both the user services side of the catalog design and the supportive metadata structure.

  3. Circulation and Courier Committee

    Charge:  Working in conjunction with the MOBIUS staff, this committee will provide input into the circulation and interlibrary loan functions of the MOBIUS Union Catalog.  This can include policies, functionality, and other areas related to the courier system and its ability to move physical materials effectively among MOBIUS Member and partner institutions. 

  4. ILS Software and Services Committee

    Charge: Working in conjunction with MOBIUS staff, this committee will be responsible for monitoring and researching current ILS library software trends and related product offerings.  This committee will engage the membership and make recommendations benefiting the MOBIUS membership regarding product enhancements & service improvements.  This committee will be responsible for making formal recommendations to the MOBIUS Board for final consideration.

Each committee should include:

  • One Board member
  • One MOBIUS Staff member (serving as the committee organizer)
  • 5 additional members from the broader membership, designated by the Board
  • The MOBIUS Executive Director (Ex Officio)

Under non-profit law in Missouri, a Committee serves “at the pleasure of the Board,” and must include Board representation.   Therefore, MOBIUS committees require that each has a least one Board member on its roster, serving as a liaison, providing a direct link to the work going on at the executive level.  Committees should be made up of at least 5 additional members, each serving for 2 years, with no more than 3 consecutive terms.  Committees do not require representation from every cluster.  Instead, the Board will would draw on expertise, interest, and availability to build the committee membership.  Once the committee membership is established, a secretary will be elected.  The MOBIUS Staff representative is responsible for the organization of the committee’s work and producing agendas; the secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes and sharing or maintaining other documentation as required.  Each committee is required to submit an annual report before the June membership meeting.  Committees should meet, either in person or virtually, at least three times per fiscal/academic year.  Committee membership begins July 1.  A listserv will be established for each committee, open to the full MOBIUS membership; a committee email list will be maintained for business pertaining only to the current committee members.  If an appointed member of a committee resigns from that committee before the end of the two year term, the Board will appoint a new member to finish out the term.

Upon formation, committee members will serve staggered terms to insure continuity of membership: 2 members will be elected for 1 year, 3 members for 2 years.

Board Committees

Board Committees consist of Board members, with the Executive director serving as Ex Officio.  They do not require members from the MOBIUS staff or the wider membership.

  1. Finance Committee

    Charge: This committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, creating an annual budget, ensuring that an external audit is conducted, and recommending appropriate action on services and fees or any other financial matter that the Board of Directors so directs it to address.  The Committee consists of the Board Treasurer serving as Chair and at least two additional Board members.

Interest Groups and Working Groups

Working groups will be formed by the Board to solve a particular problem or work on a short-term project.  Proposed Working Groups might include: Physical Storage WG, Digital Storage WG, Conference Door Prizes WG, etc.   The MOBIUS Board of Directors may form or dissolve a Working Group at any time.

Interest Groups may reflect the current interests or needs of the library community and may exist for any length of time, and will provide a shared location to share or find expertise in an areas, to work on common goals, etc.  Proposed Interest Groups might include: Instruction IG, Marketing IG, Programming IG, etc.   Interest Groups will be provided with a loosely moderated email listserv for communication, maintained by the MOBIUS office.  The MOBIUS Board of Directors may form or dissolve an Interest Group at any time.

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