Chatstaff - LibraryH3lp Procedures

Administration of the Shared Account

Hours of Coverage

Libraries are responsible for providing their own service Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. This can be done individually or libraries can work together in groups to provide shared coverage. Libraries who are not able to provide coverage during those hours are not required to do so. 

Chatstaff Backup Coverage Hours: 

  • Monday - Friday: 5pm to 8am
  • Saturday: 10am to 10pm
  • Sunday: 10am to Mondays at 8am

HOLIDAYS: MOBIUS did not contract with Chatstaff for holiday coverage. Service will not be available for the 24 hour period of all Federal Holidays. A list of Federal Holidays can be found here:…

Libraries can add holiday coverage if they wish to do so at an additional charge

Main Administrator

The MOBIUS E-Resources Coordinator will serve as the top-level administrator for the entire MOBIUS account. The top-level administrator is responsible for setting up all MOBIUS sub-accounts and will have access to all information pertaining to the subaccounts (including transcripts and account information).

MOBIUS is committed to the privacy of its member libraries and their patrons and will only use this information when necessary to provide support for member libraries or assistance with using the software. MOBIUS will be looking at overall consortium statistics in order to evaluate the service. 


Each library will designate a mini-administrator for their account. This person will be responsible for administering the individual library’s sub-account, including creating user accounts for librarians who will be monitoring the chat service, creating additional queues and snippets, etc. 

Mini-Administrators are given a username and password at setup and can administer their account by logging into the LibraryH3lp Admin Dashboard

Service is provided through the LibraryH3lp Webclient - or one of the other compatible interfaces. A list of options is provided on the LibraryH3lp website:

Naming Conventions for Chatstaff Accounts

Within the shared MOBIUS account, it will be technically possible for any library to transfer a chat to any other library operating inside that account.  All queues and users inside the entire MOBIUS account will be visible as places that a chat can be transferred to.  Because of this, good naming conventions are very important. This prevents libraries from accidentally transferring chats to individuals or queues outside of their libraries. The naming conventions also make it easier for the MOBIUS administrator to manage the shared account and provide support to participating libraries. 

Each individual account will have the name of the consortium and the name of the institution placed before the name of the individual chat operator and before all queues. Naming conventions for widgets/snippets are slightly different and are indicated below.. When your initial account information is given to you an abbreviated name for your school will be chosen. If you would like to change the abbreviated name for your school, you will need to contact the MOBIUS E-Resources Coordinator. 


Operator: mobius-mobstate-janedoe

Queue: mobius-mobstate OR mobius-mobstate-healthsciences

Chat Snippets: mobstate (description)

Creating Additional Queues

You can have as many chat queues, operators, and snippets as you would like, but all must use the above naming conventions. To set up service rollover to Chatstaff on a particular queue you will need to contact the E-Resources Coordinator


LibraryH3lp Documentation

LibraryH3lp’s Zero to Hero documentation provides detailed information on getting started with the software, features and customization options. It is recommended that all participants read through this information before they start using the service.

Support for this product will be provided based on a tiered system. 

  1. Mini-Administrators: Each library will have one mini-administrator who will be responsible for day to day account maintenance. Library staff should be encouraged to reach out to their mini-administrator for assistance with LibraryH3lp issues.
  2. MOBIUS E-Resources Coordinator: If the issue is one that the mini-administrator is unable to troubleshoot or needs assistance with, they should contact the MOBIUS E-Resources Coordinator.           

        Christina Virden
        Phone: 573-607-1110

IMPORTANT: Libraries who are participating in the shared account should not contact the vendor directly. If the issue is one that needs to be handled by the vendor the E-Resources Coordinator will be responsible for escalating it to the appropriate contact. 


As the main administrator for the account the, E-Resources Coordinator has access to chat transcripts and individual statistics for all of the participating institutions. This information will only be viewed when it is necessary to provide support or assistance with the product. Participating institutions cannot view transcripts or statistics from other institutions. They are only able to view their own. MOBIUS will look at consortium wide data in order to evaluate the shared service.