1-5 Annual Delivery Bag Inventory

Developed by

MOBIUS Consortium Office, MOBIUS Access Advisory Group

Date Adopted

Revision Dates

Purpose of the Policy

For MOBIUS to evaluate how many bags are in use in the delivery system and decide if additional bag purchases are needed.


The procedure is an annual one day bag count, on the third Tuesday in May.

Policy Type



None, revises existing procedure

After that day’s delivery all MOBIUS libraries shall count both the number of KCMLIN bags and MOBIUS bags separately and report those numbers using the MOBIUS bag count web form. MOBIUS staff shall count the number of decommissioned bags at the MOBIUS office. MOBIUS will contact the courier and ask them to provide a count of the number of both MOBIUS bags and KCMLIN (Get Connected) bags in their warehouses that evening and report the inventory results to the MOBIUS Delivery Inbox. MOBIUS will also work with KCMLIN to arrange for a count of bags in the Get Connected libraries on the 3rd Tuesday in May. After MOBIUS receives all figures the Help Desk staff will post the results of the bag count to the MOBIUS website.

Compliance: Member libraries will need to report their bag counts, otherwise the inventory will not be accuate. 

Forms: The bag count form is available at (add here)