Tracking Materials

How it Works

As of March 1st, 2017, STAT Courier uses a barcode scanning and tracking system called Xcelerator. It is completely automated, and does not require any interaction on your part. This tool is provided for you to use at your convenience, and will allow you to check the status of your materials and your route at any time.

You can track materials and view courier statistics at MOBIUS Courier Statistics

What Can and Cannot be Tracked?

STAT Courier is “the MOBIUS” courier, delivering materials daily to MOBIUS member libraries. Additionally, MOBIUS has a contract with STAT Courier to provide courier service to the Iowa Library Alliance and Rivershare libraries in Iowa. MOBIUS also has service connections with other consortia. These include: 

Cooperating Libraries in Consortium (CLiC) (Serves Colorado and Wyoming)
Trans-Amigos Express (TAE) (Serves Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas)
Mid-America Library Alliance (MALA) (Serves other libraries in Missouri)

What Can be Tracked?

  • Materials sent between MOBIUS member libraries (except Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary).
  • Materials sent between MOBIUS member libraries and libraries in Iowa.
  • Materials sent between members of the Iowa Library Alliance.
  • Materials sent between Rivershare libraries and Iowa Library Alliance libraries.

What Cannot be Tracked?

  • Materials sent exclusively between Rivershare libraries in Iowa since those libraries are on a closed loop route.
  • Materials handed off to another courier system (MALA, CliC and TAE).
  • Materials sent to and from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as they receive courier service via TAE.