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De Gruyter publishes over 1,300 new titles each year in the humanities, social sciences, STEM, law, and an additional 700 subscription-based or Open Access journals, as well as a variety of digital products.

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De Gruyter eBook Collections

Rights, Action, and Social Responsibility  *** Click here for Free Access***
Public debates surrounding immigration policy, climate change, international relations, and constitutional and human rights are currently at the forefront of our national discourse. Critical reasoning, supported through academic research, is needed. De Gruyter, along with our partner presses, is making freely available books and journal articles across nine topical areas for all students and faculty until December 31st.

De Gruyter & Princeton University Press Mathematics
De Gruyter and Princeton University Press eBook collection includes 9-highly regarded series, featuring the Annals of Mathematics. Published since 1940, it’s one of the oldest and most respected series in mathematical publishing, and has included many of the most important and influential mathematical works of the 20th century.

De Gruyter Book Archive
Goethe, the Brothers Grimm, Noam Chomsky: Since 1749, renowned and iconic authors have been publishing with De Gruyter, whose expansive archive features over 40,000 titles. De Gruyter combines its rich 260-year history with innovative technology, bringing the classics to modern readers through its digitization service. We are now proud to announce the launching of the "De Gruyter Book Archive", which will digitize another 30,000 of De Gruyter’s titles.

Harvard University Press Archive (1893-1999)
The Harvard University Press Archive package includes 2,700 digitized out-of-print titles, in the subject areas of American History, Art & Architecture, Law & Political Science, Literature, Medicine, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Social Sciences and World History.

De Gruyter Journals

De Gruyter Journal Archives

De Gruyter journal archives are a perfect one-time purchase of full-text, historical backfiles. Our journal archives are a single comprehensive purchase with perpetual access and no ongoing platform or access fees. Content ownership dates as far back as the early 1800’s with some titles, and all journal archives include content published through 2014.

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De Gruyter wants to encourage collaborative purchasing.  In addition to the discounts offered for purchasing via MOBIUS, we will give an additional 30% off if 3 or more MOBIUS members purchase a particular collection.  For example, if 5 members purchase the Rights, Action and Responsibility Collection, all 5 members get an additional discount of 30%. 

Additional discounts are available for Journal Archives packages purchased now through December 15, 2017. Packages include subject packages, complete archives package, and custom collections designed specifically for your institution.