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Ideas Roadshow produces a spectrum of fully-accessible videos, MP3s and eBooks derived from in-depth conversations between host and CEO Dr. Howard Burton and a wide variety of leading thinkers. All resources are developed from in-depth conversations with leading scholars across the arts, sciences and social sciences. Through high-quality editing we are able to create pedagogical resources which blend personal motivations and professional insights so as to illuminate key research concepts in an engaging yet substantive manner.

Ideas Roadshow has recently launched a new Academic Portal which contains a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary database of fully integrated e-resources and a wide range of additional userfriendly features. This enhanced database contains more than 600 videos in different formats plus accompanying eBooks and MP3's and will expand to a database of 1,000 + videos by July 2017.


Often academic online videos simply displace in-depth research and conceptual content for students - they watch it and that is it. Ideas Roadshow grabs the best of both worlds: the videos engage the viewer, but the eBook includes more detail, further resources, and helpful analytical reflections from Howard Burton. It doesn't just reflect the video; it extends it. - Prof. Michael Gordin, Princeton University

Through Howard Burton's hands-on research experience and scientific knowledge he has an insider's understanding of the potential of video to engage with research material. By combining his skills as both interviewer and editor, he has been able to create high-quality pedagogical resources that are relevant to students at all levels and the wider research community. - Prof. Philip Zimbardo, Stanford University

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