PressbooksEDU is an open-source book production platform on which educators and faculty authors can easily create remixable open educational resources (OER) and open textbooks as well as other academic texts (without design staff) in multiple formats, including mobile-responsive public web books, PDF (for print-on-demand or digital distribution), EPUB & MOBI, and open formats such as XHTML and XML. PressbooksEDU networks include a host of educational features and plugins, as well as training and support.

Pressbooks is developed and maintained by Book Oven Inc., a private corporation in Montreal, Canada, that finances its work largely through development contracts and PressbooksEDU hosting and maintenance agreements for a growing number of academic institutions and state and provincial EDU systems to support faculty publishing of Open Educational Resources (OER).

MOBIUS schools wanting to purchase their own brandable PressbooksEDU networks are eligible for a Discount.