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TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma -

The Tulsa-City County Library is writing the final chapter of the Librarium at 11th and Denver.

Tuesday, they hosted a customer appreciation and thank you celebration.

The 22,000 square foot building, a former Homeland grocery store, opened in September 2013 to serve as the downtown library during the renovation of Central Library.

With work almost finished there, the Librarium is closing September 2nd. That gives workers time to move the Librarium's collection to Central Library. Some of the move actually started Tuesday.

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Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for a cabinet meeting? The Special Collections department at Mizzou is currently featuring an exhibit on our favorite short-tempered protean creator of the Coast Guard: Alexander Hamilton. Meet us inside our reading room to explore the life – and afterlife – of the ten dollar founding father without a father. Don’t throw away your shot to learn from the primary documents that tell his story, from everything he wrote like he was running out of time to his torrid affair – we have it all right there! Come join us in this room where it happens and see the... read more

ABC 17 News confirmed a fire is under control after lightning hit part of Reeves Library at Westminster College in Fulton, Mo. early Tuesday.

Officials believe the original strike happened around 6 a.m., before it rekindled that same morning.

ABC 17 News learned the school was already renovating that part of the building, and only a small section was affected. All of the books had already been removed, and most of the damage was contained to the attic.

The city's fire department later said the damages will cost about $50,000.

“Hamilton” on Broadway is fetching $350-plus for show tickets, but you can see the real Hamilton for free from Aug. 8-Sept. 4 at the Library Center.

It’s a multi-panel exhibit, “Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America.” There’s no hip-hop soundtrack or dancing chorus, but plenty of surprising and inspiring insights into the man.

Scholars agree that Hamilton’s vision in the Founding period shaped the America we live in, 200 years after his death. The exhibit reveals the man who guided the financial, political, social, journalistic, foreign policy and legal systems... read more

Kim Johnson’s love of libraries began when she was growing up in the Bronx borough of New York City, as she would often visit her local library and dream about places she might never have the opportunity to visit.

“I’ve been a library user my whole life,” Johnson said. “I have always been extremely passionate about all the ways libraries change lives, so it is exciting that technology has not only afforded us the opportunity to reach more people and made the library more accessible.”

Now she’s bringing that opportunity to dream to young Tulsans.

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