MOBIUS Borrowing and Lending Statistics

Submitting Statistics & Understanding the Reports

The MOBIUS Borrowing and Lending Statistics spreadsheets detail the lending and borrowing activity of the MOBIUS libraries. It consists of an Excel workbook, with separate worksheets for each month in the fiscal year and a final worksheet with the year to date totals. The YTD numbers are consulted when institutional assessments are being calculated. A detailed explanation of how the lending and borrowing statistics are compiled and used can be found in the MOBIUS Institutional Borrowing & Lending Statistics document

To submit borrowing and lending statistics to MOBIUS use the MOBIUS Borrowing and Lending Statistics Form


These statistics include traditional ILL, intra-cluster and inter-cluster lending and borrowing, as well as patron activity. They are published on the fifteenth of each month (or first working day thereafter), with data received by the end of the first week of that month.