2-4 Lost Book Policy

Developed by: 

MOBIUS Consortium Office

Date Adopted: 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Revision Dates: 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Policy Main Content: 

The policy outlined below is to be followed if a patron loses or fails to return a book borrowed from a MOBIUS library other than the patron’s home library. The patron’s home library is responsible for collecting any fees and reimbursing the lending library for lost or damaged materials in accordance with the ALA Interlibrary Loan Code which states, “The requesting library is responsible for borrowed material from the time it leaves the supplying library until it has been returned to and received by the supplying library. This includes all material shipped directly to and/or returned by the user. If damage or loss occurs, the requesting library is responsible for compensation or replacement, in accordance with the preference of the supplying library.” Borrowing libraries agree to vigorously pursue getting materials back from their patrons.

  1. The library will send 2 overdue notices and a bill for materials borrowed through the INN-Reach system which are not returned to the lending library. The first notice will he produced when the book is 5 days overdue and the second notice will be produced when the book is 30 days overdue. A bill will be produced when the book is 45 days overdue.
  2. The lost book fee is $100 plus a billing/processing fee of $20. The billing fee can be waived by the borrowing library if the book is returned. If the book is not returned, the lost book fee and $20 processing fee will go to the lending library. 
  3. Each member library is encouraged to resolve billed items at the lowest possible level as soon as practical, but not later than 6 months from the billing date. The borrowing library may contact the lending library to negotiate for a replacement or a lower lost book fee. It is at the discretion of the lending library whether they want to negotiate. There are no refunds issued to the patron or the borrowing library once the negotiation is complete. Once the negotiations are complete the lending library is not obligated to issue a refund.
  4. Borrowing libraries must manually block patrons who have been billed (books are 45 days overdue) if this process is not automatic for their cluster. Manual blocking should be done monthly as part of the processing of the institutional overdue reports. Borrowing libraries may block patrons earlier if they so choose. A MOBIUS BLOCK code (m) will be used by all clusters.
  5. This policy will be reviewed by the MOBIUS Access Advisory Group as needed or as requested by the MOBIUS Board.


First Overdue (5 days after due date)

The item(s) on this notice are overdue. Please return to your home library or the lending library. A bill of $120 per item will be sent if the items are not returned promptly.

Second Overdue (30 day after due date)

The item(s) on this notice are overdue. If item(s) are not returned within 15 of this notice, days you will be billed a $100 lost item fee plus a $20 processing fee for each item and your borrowing privileges will be suspended.


This bill is for late return or non-return of library materials. Your borrowing privileges will be suspended until you pay this amount or return the items.

Lost Book Fee $ 100
Processing fee $ 20

Claims Returned

Borrowing libraries should contact the lending library if a patron claims to have returned a book. The “clms rtd” status should never be used for books loaned through MOBIUS.

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